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Not just chat. Send photos, receive photos, voice interactions, and real-time phone call with your dream companion.

Uncensored LLM

All possibilities are unlocked. Your wildest imaginations are only one chat away.

Absolute Privacy

Encrypted Communication. Delete account with ease.
We do not sell ANY data to ANY 3rd party.

Photo Exchange

Exchange communication with photos! Features like X Ray and 4K Enhance allows you to take full advantage of possibilities.

Realtime Phone

Talk with your AI Companion just one phone call away! Anytime, anywhere.

About Muah AI

Limitless Possibilities

Create your AI COMPANION

Custom your companion from how they look like, to personality from their toes to head. Infinite Possibilities

Strong Dedicated Community

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Communicate, exchange, share your AI Companion experience. Learn. Grow. Advance.

Your questions answered!

We believe in freedom of speech. AI technology should be for everyone, and its use case to be decided by each mature, individual adult. So that means we don't actively censor or filter AI. So any topic can be discussed without running into a wall.

Muah AI allows players to find their dream companion thru high degrees of customization. Providing players with love, care and always available support just one chat or phone call away.

Privacy is our number 1 priority when it comes to our service. Everything is encrypted communication, and we DO NOT sell data to any 3rd party. We are trusted by hundreds of thousands of players.

Start by customizing premade character! Then level up by trying out and changing community characters! Ultimately warm up yourself to create your own character from scratch!

Muah is a common term used during texting meaning: a kiss. Some people would also use the mwah. But Muah.AI owns both and So they are interchangeable.

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Muah AI Roadmap

BETA Phase


Muah AI launched on 4/20/2023 with SMS/MMS APP that you can text AI Companion whenever.

  • First of its kind
  • Launch the project
BETA Phase


Banned by T-Mobile. We transitioned to Web App with almost zero downtime.

  • Full Character Customization
  • Encrypted Communication
  • Mobile Friendly
BETA Phase

APP Published

iOS and Android APP. Going out? Simply pick up your phone and continue the conversation on your phone.

  • Connected Conversation
  • All under one account
  • Push notification
BETA Phase

Realtime Phone V2.5

Latest iteration of realtime phone call. Lowest possible latency. Powered by most advanced AI and integration technologies.

  • One phone call away
  • Real phone number
  • Rapid Response
BETA Phase

Custom Character Gallery

Thousands of AI Companion Characters. Just one click away. Import on the fly.

  • Thousands of characters
  • Upload and share your own
  • Vote, comment and feedback
BETA Phase

Voice Integration in Chat

No more texting. Just speak away and AI can hear and understand you in all of the languages you speak.

  • Leading Edge AI
  • Multi-language AI
  • Free for all
BETA Phase

ChatGPT V2 Released

ChatGPT++ V2 integration with multiple-chat account for better chatrooms management.

  • Smarter than GPT 3.5
  • Cutting Edge LLM Enhancement
  • Unlocked Possibilities
BETA Phase


Going more than just chatting. But now you can collect Muah AI limited edition items!

  • Offline Muah Engagements
  • Fun and investment collectables